BIO: I’m Sarah Louise Lilley and I’m always up for an adventure! I’ve crossed the breathtaking Namib Desert on horseback, done a grueling century bike race around Lake Tahoe and run the inspiring New York City Marathon.

As an actress, I’ve witnessed crimes on The Mysteries of Laura and Law and Order, had sidesplitting recurring roles on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and enjoyed numerous jam-packed days on the festival circuit with such films as Blue Road, Zooey and The Date. I’ve devoured Japan and Europe with avant-garde luminary Richard Foreman and collaborated with the provocative artist Julia Mandle.

I’ve also embraced my Type A tendencies and produced two award winning short films Nothing Happened and Raising the Bar.

What’s the adventure that really keeps me on my toes… being a mom! I chronicle the crazy motherhood/acting juggle at and There is never a dull moment.

I’m a quirky UK/US hybrid.  I was born in England but moved to the States, suburban NJ to be exact, during high school – yes it was a tough transition! I escaped to UCLA for University but drove cross-country to my beloved NYC the day after I graduated. (For more on my love for NYC check out my profile in Jason Bell’s book An Englishman in New York.)  As a licensed tour guide, I even host two NYC tours – The TCM Classic Film Tour (my intellectual side) and Sex and the City Hotspots (my fun-loving side.)

When I’m not acting or chasing my kid around the playground, I’m trying to figure out when I can go horseback riding again.

To a lifetime of wonderful adventures for us all!

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